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No matter the line of business you’re in, a plumbing emergency can mean lost productivity and lost revenue, particularly if your facility has to close temporarily while a plumbing issue is repaired.

CityWide Sewer & Drain handles all phases of commercial plumbing installations in Long Island and the New York Metropolitan Area. We service businesses like apartment buildings, restaurants, offices, retail spaces, and more on a regular basis, and we take great pride in knowing what the best plumbing replacement practices are for all major brands of commercial plumbing equipment. Our skilled professionals will install or replace your new equipment and configure it so that it works efficiently and up to code with your existing plumbing and sewer systems. Our services include…

Commercial Kitchen Faucet Installation

When it comes to kitchens, Long Island and the New York Metropolitan Area businesses that work with commercial-grade cooking utensils and equipment, such as professional caterers and restaurants, have different needs than that of hospitals or office buildings. Kitchen-based businesses require fixtures that provide enough space for you to move about, faucet handles that can be accessed even with full hands, and finishes that are easy to clean and sanitize. Industrial kitchens or food processing plants require larger, heavy-duty faucets and handles. lopezplumbing understands your specialized needs and is ready to install your new kitchen faucets, resulting in the prevention of future plumbing problems, leaks, and increasing your water bill savings.

Restroom Faucet & Toilet Installation

Restrooms at a public place of business must be functional at all times for both your employees and customers/clients/patients to use. We can install faucets and toilets with minimal business interruption, whether we’re working with your existing facilities, performing upgrades, or installing a whole new restroom setup. Whether your Long Island or New York Metropolitan Area property is a private office with a one-person bathroom or a large facility with a row of sinks and toilet stalls, lopezplumbing has the know-how to perform your new installation flawlessly and, in the process, prevent potential damage from leaks, floods, and other plumbing problems.

Industry-Specific Floor Drains

CityWide installs floor drains that meet industry specifications for a wide variety of public and Long Island and New York Metropolitan Area commercial spaces, such as gym showers, school locker rooms, commercial kitchens, factories, manufacturing plants, parking garages and lots, hospitals, food service/hospitality businesses, and more. When floor drains aren’t meeting your needs or are underperforming, lopezplumbing can install, repair, and maintain all types of drains, including…

Sanitary Drain System. This type of drain system is designed to resist corrosion and bacteria building, to help avoid the hazards of contamination. Businesses best served by a sanitary drain system include restaurants, bars, commercial food preparation centers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.

Trench Drains/Catch Basins. These types of drain systems offer overflow protection. Businesses best served by trench drains or catch basins are gas stations, convenience stores, amusement parks offering food and beverage, and other types of retailers.

Sump Drains. This type of drain system is typically needed in meatpacking plants, industrial kitchens, food processing areas, and similar businesses.

Double-Containment Floor Drains. This type of drain system is recommended in areas of extreme temperatures, often in conjunction with trenches and catch basins.

Water Heater Installation

If you’re having problems with the water in your shower or kitchen sink not getting hot enough, it may be time to upgrade your water heater. In addition to not having to wait for hot water, you’ll also get improved efficiency and lower operating costs.

Under-Sink Grease Traps

Your Long Island or New York Metropolitan Area business can be hindered by grease traps that are too few or too small and can lead to plumbing problems and resulting health department issues. Our expert technicians can install proper grease traps that will prevent noxious odors, septic tank problems, wastewater treatment contamination, excessive plumbing repairs or maintenance, and business interruptions, all of which will save you money in the long-run.

Sump Pump Battery Backup System Installation

It’s critical to your health and safety to keep any basement areas of your Long Island or New York Metropolitan Area commercial property dry and free of mold. While a sump pump is employed to do just that, a battery backup installation will ensure that the sump pump will continue to work uninterrupted should a rainstorm, or other events, bring about a case of malfunction or power loss.

Backflow Prevention

Changes in water pressure can cause contaminants to flow into your property’s potable water supply. A commercial backflow installation will prevent these sudden changes from happening. lopezplumbing specialists will inspect, repair, or install your backflow system to meet New York State code requirements.

Remember, you can avoid unexpected emergency repairs and costly business disruptions, as well as help your plumbing systems and equipment to last longer with regularly scheduled maintenance. Our fully trained and insured plumbers will work with you to establish a routine maintenance plan which includes a commercial plumbing inspection, as well as providing onsite hints, tips, and suggestions to resolve chronic plumbing problems.


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