Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling Used Cooking Oil Pick Up and Recycle Long Island & NYC

As a restaurant owner, you may be looking for better ways to properly dispose of your used cooking oil. Since your time is valuable, lopezplumbing offers cooking oil collection and recycling services that save you the hassle, so you can continue to fry away. We offer fee-free pickup services for businesses in New York City and Long Island.

We collect and recycle all types of used cooking oil and restaurant grease; including vegetable oil, yellow oil & fryolator oil.  All materials are 100% recycled.

24/7 Emergency Services  
Free Commercial Used Cooking Oil Containers

We can provide you containers in the size of 55, 150 or 250 Gallons and will collect the used cooking oil before the container is full to ensure you always have room to your grease and cooking oil recycling. We have perfected our routing system to ensure that no container will overflow.

Why Choose Our  lopezplumbing Grease, Cooking & Waste Oil Recycling?
  • We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.
  • We are fully equipped to provide safe and timely oil and grease purification.
  • We are knowledgeable about the current oil recycling standards.
  • We have a team of skilled, experienced, and friendly staff.
  • We have a wealth of experience in the oil recycling industry.
  • We have convenient oil collection processes.
  • Free Used Cooking Oil Collection
  • Scheduled Routine Pick-Up
  • Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Prompt/Friendly Customer Service
  • Cleaning & Collection Process
Fryolator Oil Can Clogged Up Drain

If you pour your fryolator oil down a kitchen sink drain, it will be in your grease trap in 5 seconds. If you flush oil down the toilet it will make its way out of the building and into the public sewer system. Overtime it is likely to clog the drain pipe from the restaurant leading to the sewer system. In either case it will ultimately result in an expense to fix and could shut down a meal service because your restrooms and kitchen drains are backed up.


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