Leak Detection & Repair

As soon as you discover a water leak in your home it’s critical to get it repaired quickly before it worsens and causes water damage (and expensive water bills!) The obvious leaks inside a home typically involve dripping faucets and leaking water heaters, but sometimes there are leaks that remain undetected for years particularly if they’re happening underground, behind walls, or beneath floors.

If you’re unsure if you have a leak, your best course of action is to call a lopezplumbing Sewer & Drain professional. Our plumbers can address your concerns, assess the situation, identify the source of the leak if you have one, recommend an action plan, and inspect for any other secondary leaks or water damage in your household.

Leak Detection Services

Water leaks from pipes, fittings, and plumbing fixtures are a source of wasted water in the home. You can avoid unexpected ongoing water leaks that can cause significant water damage by simply calling in a lopezplumbing  Sewer & Drain technician to perform our early leak detection service. We’re equipped with the necessary tools to locate and diagnose undetected water leaks and to advise homeowners on a variety of leak repair options.

Do You Have a Faucet Leak?

  • Dripping sounds
  • Brown or discolored water
  • Damp or soaked carpeting
  • Discoloration on ceilings or walls
  • Warm spots on the floor
  • Difficulty turning faucets on and off
  • Mold or rotten food smell
  • Abnormally high water bills
  • Squeaky faucets when you turn the taps on or off
  • Rust or water puddles around the base of faucets, drains, and on the floor below a

Do You Have a Toilet Leak?

  • Bubbling or groaning sounds coming from pipes behind or beneath the toilet
  • Mysterious water on the bathroom floor, whether near or far from the toilet base
  • Sudden raising of floor or tile
  • Moldy or sewer gas smells

Do You Have a Water Heater Leak?

  • Small puddles or excess moisture near the water heater tank
  • Raised floor tiles or uneven flooring near the base of the water heater
  • Dripping water sounds from the water heater
  • Lack of hot water or a restricted supply

Do You Have a Washing Machine Hose Leak?

  • Rusted or loose hose connections
  • Cracked or bulging hoses
  • Musty or moldy smell in the laundry room
  • Pools of water behind or near the washing machine

Other Plumbing Leaks

Natural Gas Line Leaks

Natural gas, carbon monoxide being the most common, is used to heat the water in your boiler. This is a highly flammable gas and, if inhaled in large doses, can be fatal. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, but be on alert for a rotten egg odor (often added for the purpose of detection.) Keep carbon monoxide monitors located in close range to your hot water heater or any other appliance that uses natural gas, and be sure it has working batteries.

Broken Water Lines

Often gone undetected are leaks in water lines, which are located inside of walls or underground. Regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance is the ideal way to avoid the occurrence of a broken water line, especially when it comes to taking preventative measures in times of extreme weather.

Our lopezplumbing  Sewer & Drain experts are well-equipped to take on any and all plumbing repairs and leak detections in all areas of your Long Island or New York Metro Area commercial property. Give us a call 24/7, 365 days a year – we’re at your service whenever the need arises, guaranteed.


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