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Roots and plant growths can clog your pipes and damage the sewage system, which can cause sewer backups. The sewer rooter machine is America’s trusted solution for clearing out roots from sewer and drainpipes. It’s a fast and effective solution that keeps your sewer system clean and undamaged. lopezplumbing sewer rooter machine services in Long Island and New York Metropolitan Area, offer professional assistance in clearing out clogged sewer systems using the sewer rooter machine. All our plumbing service professionals are trained and certified for operating sewer rooter machine safely and efficiently.

What is a sewer rooter machine?

The sewer rooter machine is an electric sewer cleaning machine that can cut through sewer clogs caused by roots, plants, and other debris. The device can be used to clear large sewer drains as well as for smaller residential homes and kitchen drain cleaning. It can clean the entire length of your underground sewer pipes to have them flowing like new again. However, if you are not familiar with its operation, always get professional help as sewer rooter machine can cause injury or property damage if not handled properly.

Call lopezplumbing when you need sewer cleaning services in Long Island and New York

A sewer backup or clogged drain causing daily problems for you? Call the lopezplumbing sewer rooter machine service today. Here’s why lopezplumbing is New York’s and Long Island’s plumber of choice for residential and commercial sewage and plumbing problems.

Fast Response Time

Our always on service – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays – means that lopezplumbing plumbers are always there when you need them. Our full-service technicians can handle any and every plumbing problems you are having. What’s more? Our evening and weekend services do not cost extra.

Flat Rate Menu Pricing

lopezplumbing plumbing services in Long Island and New York Metropolitan Area are charged by the job and not by the hour. It means more savings and less hassle for you. There are no hidden costs, we charge what we promise beforehand.

Plumbers and Technicians You Can Trust

lopezplumbing uniformed plumbers and technicians are background checked and carry valid identification papers to ensure your safety and security. Our workforce is formally trained and treats your home like their own, cleaning after the job is done. We clean more sewers and drains in a year than our competitors have done in their lifetime.

Schedule a Residential or Commercial Drain Cleaning

You can call lopezplumbing sewer rooter machine services in New York and Long Island for cleaning roots and debris if you have,

  • Clogged Commercial Kitchen Pipes
  • Clogged Commercial Bathroom Pipes
  • Clogged Commercial Utility Pipes
  • Clogged Commercial Sewer Pipes


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