Residential Water Main Repair & Replacement

Your water main is one of the most important pipes in your entire plumbing system. It’s built underground and works to distribute and maintain your water supply. However, there are times when your water main can encounter problems.

One common issue is an extreme change in weather, particularly in winter when freezing temperatures can lead to burst pipes. Another common problem with water mains is that, over time, they can corrode and wear down. Factors that contribute to this can be age or the pipe being exposed to certain substances.

Should your pipe system begin to malfunction, the area around your building may also be affected by flooding or even water shortages. But not to worry – our team of plumbing experts at lopezplumbing Sewer & Drain can help!

Our skilled technicians will assess your water main troubles and determine whether your water main needs to be repaired or replaced.

Residential Water Main Repair

Minor leaks in the pipe will call for a repair. Unattended leaks can eventually lead to water damage, so you’ll want to act fast.

Water Main Repairs In Long Island and New York

Residential Water Main Replacement

If your safety is at risk, the water main will need to be fully replaced. Old, decaying water mains require a full replacement so as to avoid unexpected bursting when put under pressure or once freezing temperatures set in. Even more importantly, older pipes are host to hazardous chemicals and substances that can corrode your pipes and ultimately affect the quality of your water supply, which can lead to health issues.

Whether you need a basic pipe repair or a replacement as an investment for the long term safety of your building, lopezplumbing Sewer & Drain’s team of experts are equipped and ready to handle all your sewer and water main service line needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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